Olidata SPA is one of the first five computer hardware developers and producers established in Italy. It was founded on April 29, 1982 by Carlo Rossi and Adolfo Savina in Cesena, a city in the northern Italy. Olidata SPA was originally Olidata SRL. This means that it was a Limited Liability Company.

It specializes in the delivery of accounting software. Among its more successful products is PICAM (Procedure Integrate Contabili Amministrative or Integrated Accounting Administrative Procedures) which revolutionized the procedures commonly in use during its time. Olivetti eventually purchased the software and distributed it using its own channels. The computer software customer service, however, remained under Olidata.

The company headquarters is in Italy, but it has three branches within Europe. The branch in St. Ingbert, Germany was opened in 2004; Barcelona, Spain in 2006 and the branch in Almere, Netherlands was opened in 2008.

The company has since become the third biggest computer hardware company in terms of sales within Italy. Only the giants Hewlett-Packard and Acer outsell Olidata. It has been listed in the Major Stock Exchange in Milan, Italy, since 1999.

Olidata computers are known for their superior quality and construction. The company first used a silver-grey color scheme for its personal computers to differentiate its products from other brands in the industry. Later, it adopted more innovative and original designs that reflect the ideas and attitudes of the company. Black is now used for its personal computers and monitors.

Among the products of Olidata arepersonal computer for home and office use, notebook from base model to extreme performance, server and NAS, workstation, television, monitor and computer components and accessories

Recently, Olidata ventured into the development and production of LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions for home entertainment. In 2008, Olidata introduced the JumPc, a low-cost portable personal computer intended for the use of children in developing countries. This model is patterned after the Intel's Classmate PC.

Quality and innovation play a big part in the research and development of Olidata's products. Special attention is devoted to computer accessories and peripherals that compliment the style of the new range of products.

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