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The Advanced Security Link (ASL) Company was started in 1991. The founder was Mitchell Phan. Phan remained as the current CEO of the company until it closed in 2006. ASL was purchased by MDI, Inc. The deal was signed in Dec. 2005 and completed in 2006. The agreement was reportedly worth 1.94 million US dollars. The deal involved using 2 million MDI stocks in exchange for ASL's intellectual property, manufacturing assets, distribution base and customer list.

ASL was started primarily as a security company. Its base of operations was located in Costa Mesa, California. It offered surveillance services, products and systems. The systems were used primarily by facilities instead of homeowners.

The security products were used in government, military, retail, banking, educational and institutional facilities. ASL products were used in about 20,000 sites worldwide. Notable customers include the U.S. Customs, Walgreens, Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service, Exxon, Circle K, UPS, Hilton line of hotels, the Universal Bank, Hallmark, UPS, GTE and the Arizona State University.

The company was at the forefront of the security technology industry prior to the MDI, Inc. acquisition. It was the first company to successfully transmit video over normal telephone lines with a minimal loss of quality. Most of its industry innovations were in the field of digital video recording and remote video surveillance. It continued to develop systems of distributing high-quality video using low-bandwidth network segments.

Before the acquisition, ASL had 30 employees working at the Costa Mesa office. Its annual sales ranged from 5 to 10 million US dollars. It was one of the leading manufacturing companies for electrical security equipment. The security systems provided included the video surveillance cameras as well as the network and control tools. The systems also came with built-in cost, safety and energy controls.

One of the more popular products of ASL was the RemoteWatch NDVR (Network Digital Video Recorder). It as the first digital video management system used in the security industry that was completely modular. The modular architecture was developed by ASL so that the NDVR can be used with basic business applications as well as feature-rich enterprise video systems.

Other ASL products include:

* BankWatch
* GuardWatch
* PointWatch
* RemoteWatch
* CasinoWatch
* MobileWatch
* Video Time & Attendance
* Audio Recording
* Remote Backup
* VoIP (Voice over IP)

MDI, Inc. integrated ASL's open architecture platform with its own security systems. ASL technology was merged with MDI's SAFEnet system.

The MDI, Inc. President and CEO at the time of the acquisition was J. Collier Sparks.

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